Websites to Visit

Websites to Visit
These are links to other websites may be of interest to you due to content similar to our site.

The Meaning of Forever

The Meaning of Forever Project is compiling a book of stories about how experiences with departed loved ones--human or animal--have helped us heal and move forward in our grief.
Biblical and scientific research on reincarnation.

Heart of Spirituality
A website to help people get in touch with their own heart, the Heart of God, and the heart of others.

Soul Progress
Articles, movies, and online classes that address the universal spiritual needs of human beings. Down to earth and useful guidance about life, self-cultivation, the relationship with God, relationships with others, and more.

Assistance Through Online Counseling
Your spiritual growth requires that you remove your insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs on all levels, in yourself and with others. These negative elements can block the path of your spiritual growth.

Christianity USA
Christianity USA is dedicated to the tens of millions of us, Christian and non-Christian alike, who believe in the importance of spirituality as the key to sharing the joy and wonder of creation, and creating a better life for ourselves, our families, our communities and everyone whose lives we touch.

Empowering people to make a positive difference in the world around them!

Spreading seeds of love, hope and healing all over the globe

Truth Contest
"With honesty, open minds, an open exchange of ideas, good will and the power of the Internet, we will find and spread the truth about life and death."

The Third Eye
Gary Waltrip, "The Monk," describes the mystical experience through which he was allowed direct knowledge of God. His "third eye" was opened, he received enlightenment and lost all fear of death.

The Tolerant Path
Spiritually healing insights about an unremittingly positive, rational, and all-inclusive God; and on love as the essence of all creation and the purpose of our lives.

M.J. Rose's "The Reincarnationist"
The Reincarnationist blog was created to be a hub for content related to reincarnation. If you are interested, please stay a while. You’re in good company.

Angels: A Spiritual Perspective
Angels appear in religious and mythological literature across all cultures. Through findings based on spiritual research methodology, this site demystifies the topic of angels and offers fresh insight into them.

Spiritual Living
A site where spiritual truths are communicated free of religious and denominational doctrines.

The Simone Zone
This is a valuable tool to access stuck emotional memories. By bringing emotion into consciousness one is able to release the stuck energy and use it for reaching one's goals. This process is free and can be accessed on-line.

Invisible Light
The OBEs of David A. Warner

Angel Academy
Angels are creating heaven on earth, one person at a time. Meeting angels is life changing. This site helps you make the connection.

Twin Flames-Twin Souls
This site is dedicated to assisting all who are ready to find their Twin Flames and soul mates.

Digital Books
Digital books concerning Christian Rationalism which you may download for free.

Beyond the Veil
Fascinating NDE story from Diane Goble.

Prayer Wave for After-Death Communication
After-death grief support site to receive an afterlife sign from loved ones.

Angel Fine Art Gallery
Everything concerning angels.

Infinite Souls
Dedicated to the scientific study of past life memories, reincarnation, and consciousness

Health, religion, spirituality, yoga

Jesus Religion
Help for those harmed by traditional Christianity to find freedom through spirituality

Being Loved
A God to Desire, Being Love, Radical Forgiveness, Creative Compassion

Journeys Project
Media with Meaning - a study of grief and life beyond death

A study of Consciousness in an effort to create a model of reality

A study of various aspects of spirituality
1111 and 444 experiences
Spirituality, wellness, self/identity, relationships

Native American Spirituality
Insights into Native American spiritual awareness

Science of Spirituality
A spiritual way of life based on meditation, service to others, and personal transformation

Discussions concerning all things spiritual

New Age Spirituality
An introduction to the New Age movement