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I Was a Soldier in World War I

Since I was tiny, I've had an affinity with the Great War (1914-18) and I believe I was a young soldier who died in the Somme area of France in 1916. The name I was known by was Jamie, short for James. I died of wounds after being shot by a chap from our own side whom I caught mistreating a prisoner of war, near the Beaumont Hamel battlefield.

One of my earliest memories is a vision I had of a WWI Field Hospital. I had it when I was 2 years old and I could describe it in the correct words even then. I've had several war poems published, and totally baffled a Writers' Convention once when they invited me to speak; they didn't realize that I was a young woman because they were expecting an old man.

As soon as I knew people could go an visit the war graves, I wanted to do so and, when I was 17, I finally had the chance. When I walked into the huge cemetery at Tyne Cot, I felt a great welcoming warmth, and a voice said to me, "At last, you've come back to see us!" It was a wonderful feeling, and I'm sure that, although the cemetery is in Belgium, I have several friends buried there who died later in the war.

Now I write war poetry, draw pictures of soldiers and have a number of "see-throughs" as pals. I wouldn't want to be without them. "See-throughs" are spirits of soldiers who, I've discovered, I can talk to. It's what the soldiers called themselves when I first began speaking with them, as opposed to the rest of us who are "solids."

The ones I know refer to themselves that way as opposed to being "dead," because they're still alive but on a different level. They're keen not to be called mere ghosts because they have the ability to think and move around as they wish, whereas ghosts are stuck in a place or routine. I feel honoured that God has allowed me to 'talk' with them.

S J Robinson

Posted March 24, 2012