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I believe that when we are reincarnated, we carry over certain characteristics with us.

I was in the special forces as a Navy Seal for nine years, and I completed several missions. I have had recurring dreams about being a warrior in several different periods of my past. At first, I brushed them off as nothing more than dreams, and never discussed them with my wife. But then she reported that she felt the presence of several men standing around our bed one night. She said that they all looked like warriors from different times in history, and that they appeared to be interested in me.

She came to the conclusion that they were all me in different time periods over the last few hundred years. Each one was in different clothing to fit the style of that time in history, but they were all some type of warrior.

To this day, I have not discussed this experience with anyone until I ran across your site by accident.

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Posted March 11, 2010