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A Man Named Walter

Three years ago, when I was fifteen years old, I was in my backyard picking up sticks for my father. When I turned towards my house, I saw a man who was transparent around the edges, standing in my boiler room window. When I saw him, I was shocked but not scared; most of all I felt a strange sense of relief.

The word "Finally" popped into my mind and I felt as if the man I was staring at had waited a long time to see me. Eventually he turned around and walked out of the room. Immediately I ran inside and informed my father. He searched the house and found no one or any signs of forced entry.

After that, random things would happen every few months. A man opened my bedroom door one night and peeked his head in. I thought it was my father, so I told him goodnight and that I loved him. It was so dark that he was just a shadow, but he nodded his head and closed my door. I said something to my father about it the next day, and my dad told me he did not check on me the night before.

Things have moved and I've seen shadows. I've caught a few electronic recordings with this man's voice, and in one of them he whispered his name: it was Walter.

I'm 18 now and over the course of three years, I have developed a sort of bond with Walter. I feel like I know him in a way. He has always seemed familiar to me. And one night, I think I found the answer as to why he is around.

My sister, two of her friends and I decided to do an Ouija board in my front yard. And Walter came through for 45 minutes. We figured out early on that Walter seemed strangely connected to me, and we realized that he only answered the questions I asked.

Walter explained to me that I lived another life before this one, one that he was involved in. He said my name was Rose and we met in 1912. I was his nurse in a war. He told me that we fell in love with each other quite quickly. He said I was very beautiful, with long red hair. I found this bit kind of funny, because ever since I was a little girl I have loved red hair. He then revealed that I died and a few years later, he died as well, though he did not reveal how. Walter told me he'd been searching for me for a very long time and that he finally found me when I was fifteen years old. I was fifteen when I saw him in my boiler room.

I asked him why it was that I am now living again and he isn't, to which he responded "Fate."

Samantha Brooks Please respond to: John

Posted June 19, 2011