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Two Previous Life Flashbacks

I know that the following flashbacks are authentic, since I had the first one while I was driving, and the second one was definitely not a dream. It was too clear in my mind and felt different than a dream. I definitely felt 'there'.

About ten years ago, I had a flashback to a previous life, triggered by a combination of senses, namely scent and taste. Suddenly, I had a vision of myself as a monk, standing in front of my childhood home, a white-washed mud/straw house with a thatched roof, centre wood front door, and two very thick glass windows. The house was in a valley, with a mountain range in sight, and the landscape surrounding the house seemed arid, with some wild flowers. There was a path leading to the house, and not much grass to speak of. I had a strong sense that I was in Provence, France, circa 1500. And I had happy feelings about the area.

The second flashback was more recent, in the last few months. I was just starting to wake up from a night's sleep, when I had a vision of myself as a woman in what is best described as the "old west." I was running to get behind a pile of wood sidewalk pieces, to hide from what was becoming an inevitable shoot-out. To describe myself, I was the total opposite of my body type today. I was tall with a soft bun hairstyle that had tendrils down the side of my face. My blouse was deep grey, with a high collar and mutton sleeves, paired with a long skirt in a similar colour, petticoat, and ankle high shoes. The wood "sidewalk" pile looked like pallets that had been stacked up and were starting to fall over, but smaller.

Shelley L.

Posted Dec. 27, 2009