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Even before my teen years, I've felt that in a previous life I was a young adult Jewess who died of disease, hypothermia, hard work, and malnutrition in a Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. When my sister in this life and I grew to adulthood, I found she believed she had also been a Jewess and had died in the same way. But since we do not get along well at all in this life, I'm pretty convinced I stole food from her or betrayed her in some way before we both died in that previous life.

But this is not at all about a recent past life. I am in my middle sixties, and have never particularly been interested in medieval England or castles. Only a few months ago I had a "dream" that seemed to be more than a just a dream. It was extremely vivid and not at all disoriented as dreams usually are. In it I was a young teen girl, daughter of a cruel and unjust English overlord who lived in a castle on a hill and collected excessive tithes or rent from all the peasants in the vast area. The peasants hated the overlord as can be imagined.

One evening on my birthday, I  was dressed in a beautiful gown of blue silken material. It was night time and my friends and I were in the woods outside the castle playing an innocent game of hide and seek.  All my friends were in their teen years too, and they too were of the privileged class. Because of the danger to my family from the peasants, there were guards with torches, five or six of them, several on horseback in the woods surrounding us. The guards were supposed to keep us safe.

At this point, I awoke from this "dream," but I was aware that the guards had been overpowered and I had been taken by a peasant mob. I was killed by stoning and beatings. After my death, the peasants rolled a huge stone on top of my body so no one would ever be able to prove I was murdered by them.

I am an old soul and have lived many lives, both female and male, but have never believed myself to be anyone of importance or class.

Linda Murphy

Posted Jan. 17, 2015