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Was I a Tsar?

After reading the past life account entitled "Was I Part of Tsar Nicholas II's Family?" on your site, I thought I would share my related experience. I am a firm believer in reincarnation, and I know that in my most recent past life, I was my own great-great-great-grandfather. I shared some of the details of my story with the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), and was surprised when I received a personal phone call from its director suggesting that my story would make a great book.

About two years ago, after reading a book on researching your past lives through divination, I purchased an Ouija board for just that purpose. One day I asked if my name from any of my past lives had ever been recorded in the annals of history. It answered in the affirmative, and told me that I have had three such incarnations. I then asked if I had been a member of the nobility. Again it answered Yes. I then asked in what country had I resided during that lifetime. I expected it might say England, France, or Germany, but to my surprise it responded Russia.

I then asked, during what time period did this lifetime occur. It indicated the 1600's. According to the Ouija board this was four lifetimes prior to my present incarnation. I next inquired as to the nature of my occupation. I was stunned when it spelled out Tzar. When I asked what my name was, it spelled Alexie. I was unfamiliar with this period in Russian history, but I thought that this was likely the time period of Peter the Great so I inquired as to my relationship to him. It said that he had been my son.

The next day I did a search on the internet to see if any of the information which I had obtained from the Ouija board could be verified. I was able to confirm that Peter the Great was the son of Tzar Alexie, "Alexie the Mild." Alexie was a Tzar of Russia during the 1600s.

I later found a picture of him on the internet, and discovered that we share a physical resemblance.

James McColl

Posted April 25, 2007