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Past Life in St. Paul, MN

I am 25 years old, and live in a historical district of St. Paul, MN. As a seven year old, I recall asking my dad what people used to type on before computers were created. He asked me, “Why did you ask that question?” I responded, “I had a dream that I was typing on something, but it was bigger, made of metal and very loud.” “Ah, yep, that’s what your old dad used in high school and college to type papers – it’s called a typewriter.”

Surprisingly, he had a 1930’s Remington model, given to him by his grandmother, in the storage closet of his home office; I had never seen it before. I played with it for about a day, after which he told me, “You type better as a kid than I was ever able to type while in college.”

Granted, I had been brought up in the computer age and had been typing for a couple of years on the early versions of Mac computers, but I seemed to easily find my way around the mechanics and nuances of the typewriter, which included adding ink to the typewriter ribbon, and fixing keys that were sticking. My dad was astonished.

In a second dream that I consistently had as a child, I am riding in a street car through the edge of a downtown area into what I guess is a residential area. There is a very prominent incline on the hill that the street car is following, and it goes around a noticeable turn before heading into a dimly lit tunnel. Immediately before heading into the tunnel, you are able to see a tall statue with a man on top of it, as well as a dome, likely that of a church in the distance on the horizon.

That is where the dream always stopped before I woke up. It wasn't until I was 22 years old and living on the edge of downtown St. Paul in a brownstone apartment building that I had an epiphany. Immediately across the street from me was the prominent St. Paul Cathedral with its massive circular dome, and there was also the city’s Civil War memorial statue in the courtyard near my apartment building.

I began doing research about streetcars in Saint Paul, and learned that the city did have street cars, but the system was mostly decommissioned by the 1960’s. I did find routes of old maps where the street car lines were running, and then my heart nearly stopped. I went outside, not 500 feet from the corner of my apartment building, and found a sealed up tunnel on the edge of a hill with a distinct curve that showed the horizon line with the cathedral dome and statue in the distance. I was very unnerved to discover this very spot I was standing on is what I had dreamt about as a child, so many years ago. The coincidence was unbelievable.

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Posted April 18, 2015