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Reincarnation Stories- Stephanie

I definitely believe in reincarnation.

When I was five years old my parents frequently drove to the other side of the island to visit my grandparents. I would always sit in the back of the car and look out the window to view one particular white house. I would stare at it until I could no longer see it. If I was awake when we were coming home, I would do the same thing. I could have stared at that house forever. Because I remember living in that house.

I remember the girls' bedrooms, the former kitchen which had been made into a bedroom around 1923 or 1924. (I was born in 1959.) I also remember stairs leading up to the top floor. And I remember ponds on the property that were named after islands: Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Hawaii, Oahu, etc.

I remember being drowned by my father in one of those ponds. I remember looking up at him as I was being drowned. Hopefully one day someone will uncover my body so I can rest in peace. The new homeowners have seen a spirit roaming the house. He wears a long black coat, a tall hat and black shoes. He is exactly what I have seen and described to them. The man in the long black coat was my father. I remember looking right up at him as he drowned me in one of those shallow ponds. When my husband and I went to visit the house, the owner said that I could not have known that those ponds had been there because they were buried quite a while ago except for one. That particular one cannot be seen unless you are in the hot house.

I have visited two different owners of this bed and breakfast home on Maui. It is now an historical home. They both believe my story. The owners' granddaughter has also seen the spirit with the long black coat and tall black hat walking around in the house. There were also rumors that a body was buried on the property. A lady who lives a couple of houses away told me this, repeating what her mom and other people had told her when she was growing up.

Posted Dec. 23, 2003