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A Slave In the South

I was in the Peace Corps and served in Cameroon, West Africa. During Peace Corps training in Quebec, being an artist, I occasionally helped the trainers by drawing illustrations about what they were teaching us. They commented more than once about how I automatically knew what African scenes looked like. When I arrived in Cameroon, it flashed in my mind as we were in the air over Douala, where I would end up being posted, "He's down there."
A couple of months later, when working in that city, I met a young African to whom I became close. He seemed familiar to me. Many years later I had a reading by a psychic who told me I had been a slave named Cornelia "somewhere in the South in the early 1800s" and that I had been brought over pregnant, then lost the baby in what they called a "hospital" (which was a dirty building at the time).  
During this present life, though I am white and now in my 60s, I have always loved black music, rarely ever white music unless it is black inspired (such as swing). In my earlier days (I have since had a hip replacement which has slowed this down), I was, if I say so myself, a very good dancer. I have had total strangers, including black men, come up to me on the dance floor to tell me how well I could dance. At a Cameroonian wedding in Philadelphia, one told me I danced "like a Douala girl.”  
I believe that the man I met in Africa in this lifetime was, in that earlier lifetime, either the father of the baby I lost or possibly my father or brother. I need to add that when I watched Roots years ago or if I watch any show with slaves or bigoted Southerners in it, I get all riled up, even to the point of yelling at the TV!
 Margaret Karmazin
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Posted November 11, 2013