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A Past Life In Sardinia

I have had visions of a past life as a nun on the island of Sardinia, Italy. This took place during the time of the Holy Roman Empire, about 1000 A.D.

My father was a baker and I was about 4 years old when I tagged along with him to visit the convent for the first time. Being so young, I wasn't quite sure what the visit was all about, but I believe we traded some of our bread for the convent's honey.  Later on, when I was a young girl of about 12 or 13, I was on a hill and could hear the beautiful singing of the nuns. I knew right then that I wanted to become a nun and spend my life at the convent.

I became a postulate at age 13 and was a full-fledged nun by age 17. I lived in the priory until I passed away at age 56. My duties there were to tend the herb garden in which I grew culinary herbs, with a few of my favorite vegetables and some fruit trees, but primarily my task was to grow and dry all the medicinal herbs we used for healing. Our Prioress was a healer, and she used the herbs I grew to heal townspeople and villagers. My herb garden was at the edge of the Priory’s olive grove and I spent many years happily tending it. I thought of it as my private spiritual sanctuary. It was a serene, peaceful life filled with spiritual love.

[BeyondReligion: Our editors would like to know how you received such detailed information.]

I've never had visions or spiritual contacts until quite recently in my life, beginning just this past January when I turned 59.

I haven't received very many of what I would call true visions, only three or four. I receive my visions directly from my soul guides, who first began contacting me in January. One night I woke up and experienced a spontaneous state of meditative bliss that I now know is called Samadhi, a kind of beautiful Energy, an overflooding, indescribable feeling of love with the words Bliss - Love - Joy - Happiness continuously resounding through my mind…. Now, my soul guides and I are able to communicate telepathically in complete sentences.  And they often put sudden flashes of spontaneous knowledge in my head.

This vision of a past life as a nun I received only just the other day. The vision itself lasted a fairly long time, had a lot of detail to it, and then I asked my soul guides questions for at least an hour afterward while I was still in the meditative state, to ascertain that everything I had envisioned was accurate.


Deborah Goldich

Posted November 30, 2014