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Was I Sarah Josepha Hale?

At the age of four I was at church, in a preschool-like setting. We were rolling a ball and singing different nursery rhymes. When the class began singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” I became upset and shouted that it was “my song” and that I had written it. I was punished for my outburst and I just set that memory aside for occasional amusement.

I am now forty years old, and I have laughed at myself for that outburst my whole life. Two nights ago I realized that, perhaps that memory was from my past life. Maybe, just maybe, I really did write that song/rhyme. I researched the author of the song; Sarah Josepha Hale.

We have a lot of life parallels; we both married lawyers, we both had a passion for education of children, and we both taught ourselves our trades.  She started as a teacher and, from a young age, I wanted to be a teacher. Unfortunately my family couldn’t afford to put me through school, and I dropped out after a year of college. I now volunteer my time at the school helping children to read. Sarah didn’t have the opportunity to go to college either, but lived in a time when the lack of a formal education didn’t prevent a woman from being a teacher. She was a poet, and I too successfully dabbled in poetry at a young age. The poetry flowed from me, almost as if someone else was writing it.

All of this weighed heavily on my heart, as she was so successful in her life (for instance, she was the one who campaigned to make Thanksgiving a national holiday). I felt that I had let my past self down for not finishing school.

And then I saw that all of her accomplishments were after the age of 40. Is it a coincidence that I have discovered this at the age of 40? I think not. Big things await my spirit.

Charity T.
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Posted Jan 7, 2016