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Killed During a Robbery

Following is my reincarnation dream. I'm well-dressed, on a horse, wearing a top hat and a coat with tails. My female riding partner is wearing a blue mob cap and a blue dress. We're laughing while riding through what I believe were large wealthy estates with tall hedges. I feel bad that we are riding through other people's yards, but she is leading and I am eager to please her.

The strange thing was I knew this woman was a part of me, like we were married, but I had no idea who she was. I was taller in the dream, about 6', and my wife or girlfriend was about 5'8”. it seems like late 18th century in the U.K., but I suppose it could also be colonial America.

The dream goes from frolic to nightmare when she starts riding towards town. It’s a dangerous place that we knew we should stay out of. I had to follow her, though, to see to her safety, but I was upset she was riding there. I  couldn't keep up with her and eventually lost her in town. I looked for her through these drab streets for what seemed like hours. The feeling was desperate and scary.

Then I'm being surrounded by some bad men. The man in front of me with dirty blond hair and cap is backing up my horse into an alley and I know my life is in peril. I continue to be backed up and then…nothing. I assume I got hit in the head by someone behind me and died.

I think I was in my late 20's. I guess I was killed for my horse, clothes and the money in my pockets. Someday if I could afford It I'd love to have a past life regression reading because I'm sure this man's identity is recorded somewhere and maybe I could get a name.

Joe Kent

Posted Nov. 18, 2013