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I visited your site for the first time a year ago, and when I opened it again a couple of days ago, I was delighted to see that you had put many new stories on! So I decided to share my experience.

I live in Europe (Croatia) and during my school days I studied the German and Russian languages. Then, for no apparent reason, I started being attracted to the English language at the age of ten, and began to learn it by myself from self-study books. I knew I would go to see America one day as a tourist. I was in the States last year and was very much moved by the feeling of just being there.

Being curious, I had a regression a couple of months ago and was not at all surprised to discover that I had formerly lived in the US. My first memory went to 1901 when I was a ten-year-old girl living in Jacksonville, North Carolina. During the session, it was like I was watching myself on a screen, but at the same time I felt everything which "that person" did. I was even aware of what my name had been. I was relieved when I realized that nothing hurt while leaving the body, but I still had the feeling that I was alive. It absolutely surprised me. At that point, while floating in the air, I realized it was my sixth life and that this current life is the seventh one. So I must be a young soul. When I think of myself hovering above my dead body in that former life, I am no longer afraid of death, but regard it as a natural process like birth.

Several days after the event, I was studying about religions in the UK and US, and all of a sudden I felt I should check on the Society of Friends. I was stunned at the appearance of the women who belonged to the Friends at the time as they looked exactly like I did in my regression. I did not have concerns about money but still was dressed and lived extremely modestly, on the verge of asceticism. Also, I did not love my husband but I knew I had to stay in that marriage for the sake of my religious beliefs since divorce was not an option. In my current life, I retain a great deal of the Quaker background. I am strongly opposed to violence, and I am studying to become a professor in order to be active in education.

Now, everything is easier for me and the past life regression experience basically helped me remember the decisions I had already made, and brought to consciousness what I should do in this life. For the time being, I am doing my BA degree in English and French language and literature.

B. V.

Posted April 30th, 2010