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I have always had a love for painting and have painted ever since I can remember. It seems a very natural ability that I am driven to do to feel normal.I have not made painting my career, but I have sold many pieces.

Even though I believe in God and was brought up as a Christian, I also believe in reincarnation and have meditated on who I might have been in past lives.

I have had a strange story play over and overin my head that somehow I was a German girl living in France who was also a painter. To my surprise, the name Elise Wagner came into my head during meditation, and I decided to Google that name which I had never heard of before.

One of the names that appeared was that of a German woman named Elise Wagner. She lived in France during the 1800's and was quite a well known still-life painter.

I still can't believe that I found some substance behind the name that came into my mind. I have been trying to find a picture of Elise Wagner but have not had any luck so far.

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Posted April 6, 2013