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Brussels Sprouts or "Olivers"?

My son was two years old when I first gave him a few Brussels sprouts with our Sunday dinner roast of beef. I was sure that he wouldn't like them, since most young children don't. But he ate them quite readily, had some potatoes, and then asked if he could have some more "olivers."

I asked him what he meant and he told me quite matter of factly that he wanted more olivers. I said that I didn't know what he was talking about, so he got up from his chair and pointed to the pan of Brussels sprouts on the stove. I gave him more olivers and he continued to enjoy them.

From that day on, my mother and I referred to Brussels sprouts as olivers, although we didn't know why. They are still his favorite veggie forty years later. Just yesterday, I googled Brussels sprouts by asking if they were ever called olivers. To my amazement, I discovered that there is a Brussels sprout known as an "oliver" from California. It is an earlier, lighter coloured, more tender variety than the usual.

My mother was a cook by profession at the local Golf Club and I worked in restaurants and bars for years. We had never heard of this name before. A bit funny but very odd, don't you think?

[Ed:] That's a wonderful story. Would you be surprised if I suggested that it might be evidence of a past life memory?

You are welcome to use my story on your site and I do believe this may be an indication of a past life.

Ollie Morrison
Ontario, Canada

Posted Sept. 22, 2007