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I’m not sure about reincarnation, but I've been interested in it for several years for one reason: My daughter.

When she was little, she always seemed like an "old soul." In fact, she barely seemed a child. Late in her second year, she started talking about "Old Mommy."
I never asked questions but she brought the subject up a lot. She also was inclined to call me "New Mommy," on occasion.

She told me that Old Mommy had lots of kids. Old Mommy had pushed her into a hole and she never woke up after that. Most commonly her comments about Old Mommy would come up when I would do something unextraordinary, like hugging her at night when she was scared. "You are much nicer than Old Mommy," she would say.

She told me that Old Mommy was very mean to her and that she was scared of her. She said she came to me so that she could have a good mommy.

The one thing that stood out in my mind was a comment she made when she was three. I had dressed her and gone into the living room. I sensed her presence. She looked me and said, "Thank you for my clothes. When I lived with Old Mommy my clothes were raggy and there were always holes in my socks." What was SO odd about that was not just the knowledge of things like airplanes or other people. It was the extreme gratitude for little things at an age where a show of gratitude is virtually non-existent unless it is forced. What three year old knows the discomfort of holes in their socks?

She is eight now and has no memory of Old Mommy. She spoke of Old Mommy regularly and I should have paid more attention. I wish I had asked questions. But I didn't want to unintentionally lead her. I am willing to learn and I want to know what exactly happened to my daughter.

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Posted January 6, 2014