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My Three-Year-Old Niece: Back Again?

I'm intrigued by reincarnation and I'm absolutely convinced that my three-year-old niece has been on this earth before. It was the feeling I got when I held her on the day she was born which convinced me that it really does happen. That little girl has definitely been here before!

On the day she was born, I held her and she KNEW where she was - she was looking around, evaluating, like she was a little old lady. It gave me the spooks - I've never felt like that with a newborn baby before. She hated being a baby too - she was very discontented and colicky.

Strange things have happened since then. A photograph taken of me and her when she was about six months old shows an orb across both our faces. She now talks about when she was here before, that her name used to be Mary, and that she previously spoke French. She comes out with some extraordinary adult phrases which she cannot have learnt anywhere.

And recently, on a day out at Leeds Castle, she was getting very excited about someone called Hamo. Later that day, her parents were reading some of the history of Leeds Castle and it mentioned a person named Hamo.

Spooky!!! Her mother tends to completely ignore all of this - which is probably the right thing to do. But I'd love to do some investigations with her.


Posted April 14, 2009