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My Life As A Nazi

I have been obsessed since a young age about World War II, and especially about the Nazis. The first time I saw a Nazi depicted was in the Indiana Jones films, and I was amazed. I cant get enough of watching and reading about the Nazis, and have always had the strongest feeling that I was one of them.

Last month I had a past life regression done. I hadn't told the therapist what I thought about my past. She told me I had been a Nazi, and gave me many details of that life. She said that my name was Kurt Wiesler, that I was born in 1920 in Meiringen, Switzerland (the Sudetenland), that I was married to Maria and had a child. I served in Trondheim, Norway, and then in Leningrad where I won an award for saving my friend, Peter, from a shrapnel injury. I got a leg injury and was moved back to Trondheim for the rest of the war. I went back to my old life as a farm hand and died of a undiagnosed heart defect in 1949.

Later, I went to a different past life therapist who told me almost the same things. I'm hoping to trace this soldier down because I apparently had a kid in 1943, so he could still be alive today. (He will probably think I'm nuts!) This second medium put me in a trance and I saw a lot of things such as my house, inside and out, and I saw myself dressed in a Nazi outfit sitting at the table. It was fascinating.

All of this answered a question I have wondered about. I have always thought the number 29 was special, and had a persistent heart pain. That has made me think I'm going to die at 29 of a heart attack. Well, Kurt died at 29 of a heart defect!