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I Was My Own Grandma

My mother had three kids before I was born, two older daughters and a son. For many years, she wanted one more child but the doctors told her it wouldn't be possible. She had told my dad's mother, who was living with the family, just how badly she had wanted one more child.

Anyway, my grandmother passed away in November, 1972. My mother soon got pregnant with me. I was born in March, 1974. When I was around three years old, in 1977, we took a short cut through the cemetery that was right behind our house. We were approaching my grandmother's tombstone when I suddenly blurted out, "There is where I sleep," pointing in the direction of my grandmother's grave. That totally freaked everyone out. As we approached closer, I pointed again, "There, that is where i sleep." Sure enough, I was pointing to my grandmother's grave. My mum just about fainted.

She decided to test me a short time later with things around the house. For example, she used several knitted sweaters. I would point out the ones my grandmother had knitted, stating that "I" had done them. My mother tried to trick me and brought out a sweater my mother had actually knitted, asking if I had knitted this as well. I said, "NO, you did." She continued to try and trick me. I insisted that "NO, YOU knitted that one, because I remember."

My mother and siblings told me of this experience. I have vague memories of being scared of the hallway, too. I would always dash past it when it was time for bed. My grandmother had passed away in that hallway, before I was born.

Michelle in Australia

Posted Sept. 29, 2011