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My daughter and I were researching reincarnation on the internet and the first site we visited was this one. The reason we were doing this is because we recently experienced a recollection of a past life together.

We were discussing a book about dreams, and there was a section about reincarnation. Suddenly, I had a memory flash. I saw myself as a child of three or four, and I was running and laughing with my twin sister. I told my daughter that I saw myself playing with another child, and she then said, "We were twins." I had not mentioned that I was a twin.

We began to tell each other, one thing at a time, everything we saw mentally, and it was a memory of the same children. It was an eerie experience for the two of us. Also, I asked her, "If you could describe our 'past mother' with one word, what would that word be?" I was thinking the word "mean." She thought for a moment and said, "Abusive."

The next morning, she said that she knew our names were Sarah and Rebekah, and that this memory had come to her just as she was falling asleep. She also told me that she saw our house, and the second she said it, I described a small white frame house with a porch (with unpainted floor boards), fields and no trees. She has a memory of a dog, and tells me that I was afraid of the dog. I don't remember this...maybe because I don't want to.

There are a number of things that we both saw. We had on white dresses with blue flowers; we had shoulder length, wavy, medium-blonde hair which was pulled back, just at the top; we remember squatting and Sarah drawing in the dirt with a stick. My daughter (who was Sarah) says that I took the stick from her, at which point she began to cry and fell over onto her hands and knees. She says I then helped her up and gave her back the stick. I don't remember
the part about taking the stick from her. I have a memory of us running, like we were playing "Follow the Leader," and we were laughing.

I also had a millisecond flash of our mother. I see dress, smeared red lipstick...blonde hair and her face is contorted in anger and rage. That is why I asked my daughter to describe our mother with one word.

While I was writing this, my daughter was watching. As I began to spell my former name, I typed "Rebecca." Then, as I reached for the backspace key to change the spelling, my daughter, who is thirteen, said, "No, it's 'Rebekah,' spelled with a 'k'." We both instinctively knew this.

Another thing that we have in common. When I was a small child in the late '60's, I had a recurring dream of being in a car with my (present) mother and driving into water, sometimes off a bridge, sometimes into a hole of some kind. It was always just her and me. My daughter has also had this dream and, strangely, it is also with my mother, never with me. We both have a fear of bridges because of our dreams. And we both had the feeling as young children that we would not live to be very old.

After this memory recall, I tend to believe that we drowned at an early age due to our mother's (the same spirit who is now my mother) suicide. In both our dreams, she is calm, as though expecting it to happen. I think that my mother learned from that "past life experience," because in this life it seems that her entire focus is on her children and grandchildren.

I stopped having the dreams when I was young, though I don't recall at what age. My daughter said she hasn't had the dream since she was around ten. I think I was younger than that when I stopped having them.

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Posted July 3, 2004