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Two Jasmines

When I was nearly three, my family was involved in a serious car accident. I was in the hospital for nearly a week because of severe injuries. While I was there, I met a sweet little African American girl by the name of Jasmine. I will never forget her. She was small, her face was badly bruised and she had serious internal injuries; both arms and legs were in casts.

I would often walk past her bed and smile and say hello, but it was days before I actually spoke to her. She couldn’t respond verbally, but I could tell she heard me because her eyes spoke for her.

I never learned what had happened to her, but Jasmine died one day before I left the hospital. I remember waking that morning and finding her bed empty. My sister told me that she was with the angels now. I cried until I couldn't cry any more. My sister was shocked that I showed such emotion for this little girl that I really didn't know.

Several years passed. One day, I went to a lake with my BFF “Amanda” and her parents. There were a few families there when we arrived. In particular, an African American family caught my interest. They had two girls and a boy.

Amanda and I went over to introduce ourselves to the girls, because we figured we could hang out with them. One of the girls had her back to us when we arrived, but when she turned around I swore I was looking at a ghost. She was an older version of the Jasmine I knew from the hospital. I kept thinking - It can't be, she's dead!

When the girl said her name was Jasmine, I nearly fainted. Amanda couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I was not going to tell her what I thought, because to me it seemed crazy. Amanda went off with the other sister and I was with Jasmine. We talked and played like we were long lost friends. Toward evening we packed up to leave. Jasmine and I hugged each other as if we had been friends forever and were sad to be leaving each other.

Many years later I met a medium/psychic who asked me if I knew an African American girl whose name began with a “J.” When I told her that I actually knew two, she told me NO, they are actually the same spirit. The first Jasmine was reincarnated into the girl I met at the lake.

I was stunned, but her comment validated my sense that there was a connection between the two Jasmines. The psychic went on to tell me that we were spiritually connected through a past life, and that we will continue to appear in each other’s lives. I have not seen her since that day, but I think of her often.

P Sowle
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Posted: October 5, 2013