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My Daughter and Helicopters

When my daughter Reagan was barely two, she would cry when helicopters flew by. She knew they were called helicopters without my telling her.

She told me that she was in a helicopter and it went down, that she had too many "owies" and the doctors couldn't help her. She said there were men in there with her but she was "driving" it.

Fast forward to today when she is almost four. She has said for the past year that she has a baby named Emily, and she misses Emily.

A few months ago my husband started working for a medical helicopter service. Everyday she asks to go see the helicopter. One day he sat her in his seat, the paramedic's chair, but she told us, "No, I need my seat," and climbed into the pilot's seat. She is obsessed with helicopters.

I see her with older children and she is different, somehow wiser. She has mentioned having another father and mother, but when I ask her about it she laughs and says, "Nettermind."

Megan McLeod

Posted Nov. 17, 2013