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My Son, the French Soldier

When my son was four years old, he said to me, "You know, Mommie, I lived before." I replied, "Yes, I know." From the day he was born, I knew he had been alive before.

He went on: "I was on a horse and soldiers pushed me off the cliff." I know I should have asked more questions, but his revelation was so poignant, that I just sat there sobbing.

He used to play Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, over and over again, non- stop. At that time, I was a civilian working for the military, and whenever he would come on post, he would say, "Mommie, I don't like these Army guys."

When he was eight, I asked if he remembered the conversation. He said he had. I asked him to draw me a picture of the clothes he had been wearing, and the uniform he drew resembled that of a French soldier of that period. I wonder if perhaps he was in the Battle of Borodiino which is the incident celebrated by the 1812 Overture.

He was always a good student in all subjects, but when he took French in school he felt from the beginning that he couldn't keep up with the academic demands. And yet, he always corrected my accent when I recited my bad French.

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Posted Sept. 29, 2011