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I was born into a Sinhalese family. The English language was limited in our area back then. Though my father could speak English, my mother still cannot.

My mother used to tell me that when I was about two years old, I once took out a knife and a fork and imitated the British method of eating, saying "this is the way I ate when I was in England." We usually use our hands to eat rice, but never use a spoon, fork or knife.

We got our first TV set in 1983 and I still remember watching English songs over and over again, though I could not understood anything. My father used to tell me that I was trying to imitate the western people. It was in my blood, and I eagerly look forward to visiting England some day.

Once a fortune teller who could see visions explained to me that I had been born in England in a previous life. I was a woman and did many humanitarian activities for society. Even now that is my passion, though I do it on a smaller scale.

I remember a house, not very big, with a small garden in front of it. Also, the death of princess Diana has given me so much grief.

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