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A Dream of Ancient Egypt

I was standing in front of what looked like a pyramid, opening a door. Inside were three square rooms.

There was a man with me. I realized he was an archeologist, and I was on his team!

We went into a small room. One of its walls was blue and bore an ornamental golden clothes hanger, which I realized was a coded lock. It was my mission to decipher and unlock it.

When I figured it out, with the help of a voice in my head, the wall was no longer there. Rather, there were three doors with no handles! By the same intuitive process, I knelt in front of them, and all three opened.

They were wardrobes. The first door contained lavish gowns and scarfs and every type of fabric and silk. I tried them all on, but the only one that "spoke to me" was a white mother's gown. I also put a white fur scarf around my shoulders. When I had them on, I felt that I ruled the world!

The second wardrobe contained white and green robes of all the deceased prophets, and the third one was filled with children's clothes. There were two toddlers' outfits, one of pink silk with a crescent moon embroidered on it, and the other of brown bear fur embroidered with the sun. I held the two garments and cried, as if they belonged to me, and took them with me.

The man was waiting outside with the archeological team. He said that while I was opening the wardrobes, treasures had appeared from the ground in the other rooms!!

As his team began looting the treasures, there was a rumble and I knew I had to go outside because the spirits were angry with those men. Behind me as I left, I could hear the people screaming as though they were being tortured.

As I ran, I arrived at some Roman ruins. That confused me. How could there be Roman ruins next to the pyramid? I was told to go to the highest stone in the ruins and hold both my arms up to the sky. As I did, the moon and the sun were literally in my hands. Then, in a flash, I had a baby boy and a baby girl in either arm; the girl had on the silky baby clothes with the moon embroidered on them, and the boy was wearing the fur outfit which had the sun embroidered on it!

Both of them held me as if I were their mother, and I was crying for joy. The voice in my head told me that these were my love twins.

Moments later, spirits arrived at the ruins and the children began throwing gems at them, jade and amber jewels, after which the spirits bowed and knelt at my feet!

And then I woke up! At first I thought the children were still there, although I've never been a mother, but I was back in my room!


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Posted March 27, 2011