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I've had several visions, in a semi-dream state. It was as if I were watching a movie screen.

I could see myself as a man, in Egypt, tall, thin, wearing a sort of toga that went only to mid calf. It was white with a sash-like belt. I wore sandals and the head dress, plain, and very Egyptian. I had a little boy around eight as my charge. We were outside. The boy was perched on top of a rock that was formed like a frog. He was on his knees, looking down at me. I was standing in reeds that were knee high. I knew the boy was an important personage, but not exactly of what status.

In the next vision, the boy was in a class room. It was open on all sides. The sun was shining, but inside the stone structure it was cool. Though it was a classroom that had several tables set in rows, and could accommodate perhaps twenty or more students, he was the only one there. Again, I was outside, waiting for him to finish his studies.

The third time, I was at the top and to the side of a long set of stone stairs in a large stone building. A group of boys were running up the stairs. I could hear the clatter of their feet and hear their laughter. In front of me was a large brasier, chest high with fire. In between the flames, I could see my charge as one of the boys.

The last time, I was standing behind a royal young man who was sitting in a chair, supervising or watching some stone masons at work. I couldn't tell what it was they were doing, or if he was in charge or just watching. Sensing I was there, he put his arm on the back of the chair and turned and smiled at me. The little boy was now a man.

It was an experience like watching a movie in serial. But it felt so real. No words were ever spoken. I would love to know more.

Please respond to John

Posted Feb 19, 2011