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All my life I have felt a strong attachment for Egypt, though I've never been able to travel there. I was devastated when the Valley of the Tombs was flooded to make way for "progress." When I lived in Sacramento, California, I was driving across a bridge and saw a building that appeared to be a pyramid. I felt such a strong sense of longing and homesickness that I was almost ill.

Another time, I was going up the steps of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California. Suddenly, I had a vision of myself dressed in some sort of soft, flowing garment, and I was on a very long stairway on the way up to a huge stone building. Somehow I knew it was the steps to a palace.

For many years I suffered from pains in my side. Several doctors couldn't find a reason for the pain. With the help of a web site, I discovered I had lived a life in the Pharaoh's palace as a man who was a stone cutter. I was charged with making objects of art and inscribing sacred tablets. I saw my bed and was puzzled because it was a stone slab raised from the floor, and my "pillow" was a curved stone that was placed under my neck. Then I discovered the reason for my present- day pain. I was sought after by women. I was vain and selfish and treated them with disdain. One of them administered poison to me in a drink and I died a painful death. The pain was in the exact place where I was having pain in my present life. The instant I learned this, the pain left me, and I've never suffered from it again.

The second memory of my life in Egypt was extremely frightening, In that lifetime I was a female. I was certain I had been a mistress of the Pharaoh and that I had been sealed in the tomb with his body. I remember beating against the walls until my fists were bloody and raw. Recently, I took a tour through a mock-up of a pyramid's interior. When I got to the burial chamber I became terrified. I ran from the exhibit and had to compose myself. I still remember the terror I felt at that moment.

Spirit Talker

Posted May 14, 2010