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When my eldest daughter, Jennifer, was just a toddler, around two years of age, we had a most remarkable experience concerning reincarnation. Jennifer at that time could only say a few words that we had taught her -- "pussycat," "nose," etc.

One day, I had a book about ancient Egypt open on the table, showing
the death mask in gold of Tutankhamun, the Boy King. Jennifer crawled up onto a chair and, seeing the picture, put her finger on it and said "King!" This was a word we had never taught her. But the best was yet to come.

I had read where very young children sometimes have memories of past lives. So I asked her, "What do you remember about Egypt?" She looked at me and said, "I knows it." Then she said what sounded like "Kim."

Next, she said "bees," "honey" and "flowers." These were words we had not yet taught her. Then I asked her, "What was your name in that life?" Jennifer suddenly looked at me with an indignant expression upon her face and, honestly, for a moment it was like looking at an adult. She retorted without any hesitation (as if I should know) a word that sounded like "Tentooke."

The next thing that happened was amazing. As I have always held an interest in Ancient Egypt, I said to her, "Who was your father in that
life?" Then, this little two year old girl looked at me again, and said
without hesitation, "Captain of the Guard...Keeper of the Grain."

Wow! It was said perfectly, just as an adult would say it. Then, within seconds, those special moments were gone, and she was back to being "Little Jen" who only knew a few garbled "bubby" words. I discovered much later on that the ancient name for the land of Egypt was "Kem."

Jennifer is now 40 years of age, and I have never told her about this experience of hers as a toddler. Why? Because every time I have a birthday (without any prompting from us) she always brings me a gift that has something to do with ancient Egypt! Once she gave me a perfect replica of a scarab beetle (which was sacred to the ancient Egyptians) and said to me, "Leave it in your car, Dad. It will protect you."

Doug Osborne

Posted Feb. 8, 2010