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I Was a Deaf Child

Thank you for your wonderful site. It is comforting to know I am not the only person with these kinds of memories. My mother remembers me telling her this story over and over again when I was as young as three years old, and now, at 26 years old, I still see the vision very clearly.

All my life I have had a clear vision of who I was in my past life and a clear memory of "passing on." I died with a person I know was my older sister in that life. I was a young deaf girl, maybe 4-6 years old when I died. I don't know how I died, I just remember being drawn by some powerful force to go into a forest. I was instinctively drawn to go there, and I wasn't fearful at first. I remember running as fast as I could with an urgent intent to get into the forest.

Even though I was deaf, I knew that my sister was chasing behind me begging and screaming for me not to go into the forest. I was running fast and she kept right behind me, terrified for me. I clearly remember the sun beams shining down through the trees onto the forest floor. I heard my feet crunching the dry leaves on the ground as I was running, and I remember thinking, "I must be dead, because I can hear."

It was at that moment that I also became terrified, but we continued into the forest and approached a small dome that was glowing with a bright white light. Even though we were afraid, we knew we had to go into that dome. We entered it together and hunched down behind some kind of seat or bench which was also glowing. We hugged each other in absolute terror, perhaps because we knew we were dead or dying.

In the next instance we saw a man with a long white beard, hair and mustache. He was wearing a long white robe and was glowing. His light was as bright as the sun but you could look right at him. He opened his arms to us and in that moment all the fear went away and I felt complete contentment. That was the end of the vision. I don't know if the forest was just a crossing ground into God's realm, or if we were killed in a forest.

I know that reincarnation is real. The more I think about reincarnation, it is the only thing that makes sense. I think heaven is a resting place in between lives. Reincarnation just glues all the "why are we here, and what happens when we die" pieces together.

I grew up to become a radio DJ. I think my passion and appreciation for music is a result of being deaf in a former life.


Posted March 8, 2007