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I just read the reincarnation stories on your web site. It reminded me of a story about my son.

I was raised Lutheran and attended church and Bible study as a child. As a teen, I began reading more metaphysical books. Reincarnation made sense to me. However, I didn't speak openly about it at that time. But it is a personal belief that I have held for many years. I continue to strive for greater knowledge and spiritual understanding. I have been pretty intuitive though much of my life and reincarnation made sense intuitively.

One day, when my son was about three years old, we had spent some time playing at a local park. We crossed the street into an undeveloped wooded area in the town where we live in Michigan. He began to tell me this story as we stood in a clearing. He said,

"My 'old daughter' lived in the woods. We lived in the woods. She would sit on the ground. Put a cloth on the ground and sit on the cloth. Then she died and a tree grew. It grew and grew and broke a hole in the sky. A hornet came. She got poisoned and died. A thorn poked her in the eye."

I said to him, "That's a nice story about your daughter."

He continued to talk, saying, "Yeah, I was thinking about a song. It goes: 'da chi ja, da chi ja.' It's a really long one." He sang this with a Native American rhythm.

Hearing my son's story at such a young age, without any previous discussion of reincarnation, was an amazing experience. It was a wonder to stand there and listen to him tell me this story so innocently. This occurred on May 4, 1992. I wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper and carry it with me to this day. He is now fifteen years old.


Posted April 15, 2004