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My father told me that when I was almost two years old, I came up to him and asked "When do we get to go back to Scotland and be soldiers again?"Dad asked for more information but I only said "You know."He encouraged me to always let "old memories" come freely, and I did.

When my nephew was three years old, his mother died. His father (my brother), my sister and I were in my brother's living room, remembering my nephew's mother. A funny memory came up and we laughed. My nephew came up to me and said "Don't you know my mother is dead?" I said "Yes, but we believe in heaven and we know we'll be with her again some day. So we're enjoying funny stories about her."

My nephew thought hard for a minute and then said, "I used to be a mechanic. But then that engine thing fell on my head and when I woke up I was (his current name)." My brother was upset. He is a devout Southern Baptist and does not believe in reincarnation. My nephew grew up in a very small southern town in which everyone is Baptist. My brother said, "Dixie, what have you been telling him?" I had not seen my nephew since he was six months old. I said "You've been with me the whole time. I haven't told him anything about reincarnation." My brother was massively confused.

When my niece was two years old, I was out to dinner with her, her parents and my parents. Everyone was talking at once. Suddenly, my niece fiercely said, "When I was a little boy, I go'ed at 'Fornia!" I asked "What happened there?" She said "You know." She had never been to California nor had anyone in her family.

Dixie J-Elder

Posted Feb 4, 2013