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A Castle Under Attack

I had a vivid dream when I was about two or three years old. As the dream opens, I am a small child of about two or three years. I do not recall my gender, but something tells me I was male. I remember the smell of smoke, like campfire smoke. It was late at night, and I was standing outside a stone building with my mother and siblings (though these are not the siblings I have now). We were in what I now believe to be the courtyard of an early Medieval castle.

I remember the glow of large fires, and the sounds of battle just around the corner from us. People were running to and fro. It was all so confused. My mother was afraid. We all were. Men (knights, I believe) were telling my mother, "My Lady, we must go! We must go NOW!" My mother was frantic, screaming "Where is my husband! Not without my husband!" The dream ends there.

Decades later, I found myself polarizing toward renaissance faires, collecting swords and that "age of chivalry" sort of thing. Castle-type buildings felt familiar to me, as did the furniture of the time. Then, one night as I was researching costumes, I saw a dress that jumped right off the page and slapped me! It was exactly like the one my mother had been wearing! Even the hairstyle was the same! A couple of pages later, I found drawings of the armour of the day. It was nothing like that usually seen in movies and television back then, but it was exactly as I had dreamed!

After some research and meditation, I believe I lived in the time of Edward III (c. mid-1300's). I believe that our family castle came under attack, and I died that night. To this day, I'm still trying to figure out exactly who I was, and precisely where I lived.

Amos E. Robinson

Posted March 27, 2008