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Was I Karen Carpenter?

I have always had eerie dreams and visions of being Karen Carpenter ever since I first heard her music. I see myself as Karen performing and recording her songs. 

I have a passion for singing and I joined choir in middle school. At this point I had begun to believe that I might be the reincarnation of Karen Carpenter because the eerie phenomena had increased and I began to have a sensation that I am haunted by Karen's ghost! I read up on her a bit and found similarities between myself, the real Karen, and the Karen in my dreams.

I believed that I sounded good in choir, but soon had a dreadful surprise. I never got solo parts and I was so bad that I was excluded from a performance!

I decided to research Karen's life further and found more evidence that I am her reincarnation! I Googled the story of Karen's death. I found out that she was found almost dead in her parent's house after having stayed the night, was last known to be alive when she turned on the coffeepot in the kitchen a few minutes before, and was supposed to sign her divorce papers the day she died. The house was on a street called Newville Avenue. That perfectly matches one of my dreams. 

This is when I began to believe that I am her reincarnation! I cry at how she did not deserve to reincarnate as a pitch-challenged choir student! I read up more on Karen and found more similarities between her, her as me in my dreams, and me in my current life. I also notice a physical resemblance between her and me.

Today I am in my fourth year of choir and have improved a lot, but I still have not gotten a single solo part. I have researched further and found more evidence that I really was Karen Carpenter. We have a similar taste in fashion, iced tea as our favorite drink, and the same personality and almost all the same favorite activities. Almost everything I saw in my dreams as Karen matches the real Karen to an eerie degree.

Alexandra Reyes

Posted July 7, 2015