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I Was a Bank Robber

I'm a spanish women of 60 years of age, originally from New York. I think that in a past life I was a bank robber who was shot in the heart. I can remember at the age of four or five having reoccurring dreams, about being shot in the heart. Here's the dream:

I could see myself as a tall thin blond headed young man about the age of 25. I remember running down a street with a bag full of money. Two heavy men with hats were chasing me. I could feel myself out of breath running fast trying to get away from them. It was a warm day; I could see myself with a white shirt. It was in the early afternoon. I was running into a playground with a bag of money. There was a wall where they play handball. I felt myself being cornered against the wall. One of the men shot me. I could feel myself dropping. The shot was in the chest, and the bullet penetrated into my heart.

I felt the explosion in my chest. The bullet burned every inch of my cells, like an explosion. The blood gurgled out of my chest. I lost my breath. I could feel my life leaving me.

I've been awakened by the stinging in my chest. I never told anyone, because I didn't know where the dreams came from. My family was very poor; we didn't have a TV to have prompted the dreams. Throughout my life I've always felt that I was a man in another lifetime.

When I was 27 years old I lived in Albuquerque. I was walking home one afternoon when a strange feeling came over me. I felt like I was being followed. I could hear the voices of two men. I looked behind me. I could see two men following me, and I felt the same fear I felt in the dreams. As the men came closer I started walking faster. I found myself running to a neighbor's house. When I looked behind me again, there was no one there.

As an adult I have always had this fear about going to the bank. I'm afraid of being robbed, or of someone running in there with a gun. I once had a stranger look at me and say, "You used to be a man." I'm otherwise a normal happy female.


Posted Dec. 27, 2009