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I’ve always had a fondness for the German language. I grew up in NJ. When I was little, my dad would sing a German children’s song he knew. My sister and I loved when he sang it and begged him to sing it again. As soon as German was offered in school I started studying it. 

When I was 15 I went to Austria. My host parents, who didn’t speak much English, were really impressed with my German accent and how well I picked up words. When we visited the Palace in Vienna, I felt like I was home.

Years later I studied in Austria again for a semester in college and then finished my degree in NJ where I met my husband. The day I met him and saw his striking blue eyes there was an instant spark, an instant knowing.

After we were married I had a past-life dream. A man was sitting in a yellow room by an ornate fireplace on a fancy chair. He wore a light blue military style suit with epaulettes and gold buttons. His face was different but his physical appearance much like it is today, tall blonde and strong. When I looked into his big blue eyes, I knew it was my husband in this life. He was someone of great importance. There were a line of men waiting just outside to speak with him. I walked past the line of people grinning.

I was very petite, with pale skin and dark brown hair in a bun and a white lacy hat. I wore a white colored dress with a big skirt. I knew I was 16 years old and he was 50 and I was his wife. He invited me to sit on his lap and referred to me as his Poppet (puppet/doll in German). I was so proud that I was his and he was mine. We loved each other dearly. I knew this was the Palace in Vienna about the time of the Habsburg Empire. My husband is 18 years older than me but that doesn’t bother me. It’s funny that I was so small back then because in this life I am almost six feet tall.

I had a past-life reading and was told that my father and I have lived many lives together and he was my father before. In one life we were gypsies in Germany in an ancient time; we were both psychics, and he taught me how to do readings. 

I also had another past life dream where I was walking through a German town of Tudor style houses with thatched roofs. I said “Finally! I’m back here!” I went down a side street to my favorite shop full of interesting things and looked at jewelry in a wooden box for sale.  I was a woman in a long brown skirt and white apron.

I absolutely believe in reincarnation.

Ali Modrak

Posted April 26, 2014