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Past Life if LA?

A few years ago I was walking through my local library and came across a coffee table book about Hollywood that was out of place. I have always loved old movies and decided to check it out.

A few nights later as I was flipping through the book, I came across a view of the Ambassador Hotel pool taken in the 1930's. I immediately felt a longing that is impossible to describe. I knew that I had been there before. (I have never been to Southern California in this lifetime and only knew of the hotel vaguely because RFK was murdered there). I "saw" myself as a middle aged man. I'm not sure what my profession was or why I felt a connection. I could also smell the air and feel the sun on my skin. It's so real to me.

I have lived in the Bible Belt for most of my life. Reincarnation was never mentioned, and I never gave it much thought. I also think I had a violent death. Since childhood, I was always convinced I would be murdered in my sleep. I grew up in a safe and loving home with no reason to be afraid. I keep the picture next to my bed. At times I cry and am comforted by the image, and my soul longs to go "back."

Angle Jones

Posted June 6, 2015