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Hi, My name is Chanty Hespe. I was born in Vietnam. My beloved brother took his life at the age of 19. My father went to the temple to seek comfort in this experience. The monk told him that my brother would reincarnate within a year to two. My son Joshua was born Sept. 26, 1995. I called my dad to share with him that he was a grandfather. I asked my father if he could recall the day my brother took his life. My father said it was on Sept. 25, 1993 and he was notified of his death on the 26th. I asked my father if he believed the monk, that my brother would return into this world again within two years. He said he did. Then I told him that my son Joshua was born on Sept. 26, 1995. I had gone into labor Sept. 25. Breathless on the other end of the phone, my father asked me to check a mark on my son's thigh, which he had never mentioned before. So I did, and there was a mark. The next words that came out of my father's mouth were: "He is not your son, but mine."

I also have a daughter born Sept. 13. She is now seven years old and so beautiful. When she was two, she took her purse and told me she was looking for a job. I laughed and thought she was imitating a TV show. I asked her "where?" She responded, "New York City" and said that she would be back. Well, four years later we watched the news together one night. It was a piece honoring the Sept. 11 tragedy. She looked at me and said, "I want to visit that place. It's very important not to forget those people." I asked what she knew about Ground Zero and how she knew it. I told her it was an adult thing and she was too little. She got upset and said, "I know it happened a year before I was born!" I had forgotten what year it happened and didn't want her to know. So I wondered…what if she was one of those people who were in the 9/11 tragedy? But I didn't think it was possible because, as I recalled, I was pregnant with her at that time. So I asked her, "What do you mean? What year did it happen?" Her response was, "Well, it happened in 2001 because I was born Sept. 13, 2002." I am still wondering whether it could be possible.

Chanty Hespe

Posted Aug. 20, 2010