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Pre-Birth Experience Stories

This section of the site contains stories of Pre-Birth Experiences collected from visitors to Beyond Religion. New Submissions may be emailed to

My Pre-Birth Memory Jan 2016

A Pre-Birth Memory July 2015

A Window to the World April 2015

The Light of Life Sept 2014

Floating Through a Dark Tunnel July 2014

My Pre-Birth Experience July 2014

Diving Into My Body May 2014

A Spiritual Message April 2014

Pre-Birth Story April 2013

Pre-Birth Memory Nov 2013

My DaughterOct 2013

Pre-Birth Memories July 2012

Before I Was Born Feb. 2012

Chosen By My Child Jan. 2012

Remembering Before I Was Born Nov. 2011

Pre-Birth Activities July. 2011

A Pre-Birth Memory Feb. 2011

Pre-Birth Dreams Feb. 2011

A Pre-Birth Farewell Feb. 2011

The Baseball Boy Feb. 2010

A Pre-Birth Premonition Aug. 2008

An After Death Experience Apr. 2008

A Description of the Spiritual World Apr. 2008

Reviewing My Former Life, Choosing
My Next One Apr. 2008

Preparing to Be Reborn Apr. 2008

Remembering Heaven Mar. 2008

Preparing To Be Born Nov. 2007

I Dreamed My Own Birth Apr. 2007

Saved By A Dream Mar. 2005

Austin's Pre-Birth Story Nov. 2004

Tailoring Tyler's Title Oct. 2004

Dreams About My Granddaughter Aug. 2004

I Could Have Been an Only Child! July 2004

Scared of Being Born July 2004

A Pre-Birth Angel Promise Apr. 2004

Am I My Sister? Mar. 2004

Memories Before I Was Born Mar. 2004

I Remember My Own Birth Mar. 2004

Sue's Story Jan. 2004

Katie's Story Dec. 2003

Sarah's Story Dec. 2003

David's Story Oct. 2003

It's A Girl Oct. 2003