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Out-of-Body Experience Stories

This section of the site contains stories of Out-of-Body Experiences collected from visitors to Beyond Religion. New Submissions may be emailed to

Astral Travel Into The Universe Dec. 2016

A Teenage Out-of-Body Experience Sept. 2016

I Saw My Mother Miles Away Feb. 2016

Flying While My Body Sleeps Sept. 2014

My Own OBE July 2013

A Strange OBE May 2013

A 1948 OBE June 2011

OBEs In Children Mar. 2011

A Double Out-of-Body Experience Mar. 2011

Astral Flying Feb. 2010

Two Spirits in One Feb. 2010

My OBE Feb. 2010

Traveling Outside the Car- 2 Jan. 2010

Childhood OBEs June 2009

My Etheric Legs Oct. 2007

An Ocean of Light Aug. 2007

My Visit to Monroe May. 2007

Traveling Outside the Car Oct. 2006

Another Part of the Universe June 2006

Sleep Paralysis May 2006

Peace & Happiness May 2006

My Son's OBEs Sept. 2005

My OBE Experiences Dec. 2004

A Two Year Old's OBE Sept. 2004

Observing A Friend's OBE Apr. 2004

My OBE's Nov. 2003

Healing Gifts Nov. 2003

Childhood OBEs Oct. 2003