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The Need to Meditate
"Be still and know that I am God!"

These are the instructions given to the Psalmist in 46:10. The Bible is filled with references to meditation, to contemplating the deeper things of life, to getting away from the racket of the world so that we can center down and hear the voice of God.

Quite apart from the ancient biblical commands, modern medicine tells us that meditation can have a beneficial effect on our minds and bodies. It has been proven to slow pulse and respiration, lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Following surgery it can lessen pain, minimize blood loss and accelerate healing.

So why don't we all meditate regularly? Because it takes time and discipline, and we tell ourselves we are too busy to spare the few moments it requires. But that very argument is the best reason to do it: the moments we spend in the presence of God make us more efficient for everything else that we do.

Meditation is the other side of prayer. In prayer we talk to God; in meditation we listen for God's answers. It's that simple.

If we had an earthly friendship in which we did all the talking and the other person was forced to do nothing but listen, it is doubtful that the relationship would involve any real intimacy. God wants to talk to us even more than we want to talk to God. Our decision about whether or not to meditate regularly depends on the depth of our desire to have an intimate relationship with God.

Meditation can produce amazing results. We would like to include here some of the meditation experiences which our visitors might want to submit.