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Jesus is called The Great Physician. His spiritual evolvement was such that he was able to use his life force to affect the physical condition of those around him. In Luke 6:19, we read, "All the people tried to touch him, for power was going out from him and healing them all." Luke, himself a physician, was particularly interested in this aspect of Jesus' ministry, and he provides us with the details of many of Jesus' healings. Mark records the fact, in 3:15, that when Jesus commissioned the disciples, he sent them out to preach, and he said to them, "You will have authority to drive out demons." And he promises us all, in John 14:12, "Whoever believes in me will do what I do - yes, he will do even greater things." And this includes healing.

Most of us find it hard to believe this promise, at least in terms of being able to perform spiritual healing. But there are many forms of healing. Physicians heal our bodies, therapists help heal our minds, spiritual directors work with us to heal our souls. All of these approaches to health are based on the faith that God has created our bodies, minds and souls, and that God wills for us to be well in every aspect of our life. The body has a built-in capacity to heal itself in many instances, and our soul, since it is part of God, is always pure and perfect.

Yet, God has given us the freedom to deface the perfection of our soul, to allow poor habits to degrade the health of our bodies. The ego allows fear to creep into our minds, creating a multitude of personal and relational problems. Away from our home in heaven, we allow ourselves to become prey to many kinds of illnesses, and these ailments of the body and spirit interfere with the purpose for which we came into the flesh.

It is no wonder then that, with the proper faith and understanding, we are able to reverse some of these effects, in ourselves and in others. We are, essentially, individual energy systems, part of the life force of God. It stands to reason then that a healthy energy field in one person can have a positive effect on the energy field of another person. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true - we can be dragged down by the negative fields of those around us. The web of life, which may be another definition for God, connects each one of us to everyone else in creation. This makes it possible for us to send out laser prayers - targeting a specific person for a specific purpose - and have them take effect, even at great distances. Those familiar with Reiki know that it is one example of what we are mentioning here.

There is a great deal more to learn about how we can become co-healers with God. But there is no doubt that healing - for ourselves and others - is one of the potentials which God has created in our lives. Stories of "miraculous" healings fill thousands of books. It is happening to ordinary people like you and me. Believing that it is possible is an essential element for those who want to makes use of this promise of Jesus.

May the stories in this section of the website strengthen your faith in the fact that Jesus has sent us, just as he did the early disciples, out into the world to drive out the "demons" of illness.