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Dreams and Visions
"Your old men will have dreams, and your young men will see visions." Joel 2:28:

The Bible is filled with dreams and visions, making it clear that this is one of the ways God communicates with humanity. The Old Testament not only promises that age will be no barrier, but that even women and servants (in a day when neither had any legal rights) would be blessed by God's spirit.

The New Testament tells us that the birth of Jesus was accompanied by dreams. Joseph was guided through dreams to take Mary as his wife, and to escape to Egypt to protect the life of his new son. Two later dreams told him to return and to settle in Nazareth. The Apostle Paul saw a vision of the risen Christ on the road to Damascus, an event which converted him from persecutor to Christian. He also talks about "visions and revelations" which were granted to him, in which he saw the "highest heaven" and "heard things which cannot be put into words." (II Cor. 12:1-4)

The Bible, which the church takes so literally, gives ample evidence that God created dreams and visions as a means of communication with individuals. Yet, the church tends to dismiss dreams and visions as misleading, even demonic. How has religion gotten so far away from the biblical standard?

It is fear. If God can still speak to individuals, as he did to Joel and Joseph and Paul, the church can no longer control what people hear about the word and the will of God. The truth is, ordinary people in our own day are constantly receiving communications from God by these means, and the power of these messages can still guide and inspire our lives.

Following are stories from visitors to our site, which illustrate that God continues to speak to us as he did in Bible times. We hope they will inspire you to take your own dreams and visions more seriously, and to understand that God loves you and is intimately involved in your daily life.