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Dreams and Visions Stories

This section of the site contains stories of Dreams and Visions collected from visitors to Beyond Religion. New Submissions may be emailed to

A Good-Bye Vision Sept. 2016

Meeting with an Orb Jan. 2015

A 9/11 Promonition Oct. 2014

Request for Higher Conciousness Experience Nov 2013

Request for Higher Conciousness Experience Nov 2013

Salon Meritage Shooting Victims Oct 2013

Tidal Wave of Love May 2013

An Urgent Warning Sept. 2012

A Soul Departing July 2012

A Glimpse of the Afterlife July 2012

Being Prepared for My Grandmother's Death Aug. 2011

Grades in Heaven May 2011

A Healing Vision Mar. 2011

A Vision of Myself as a Ball of Light Feb. 2011

The Arm of the Law Nov. 2010

A Brother's Message Sept. 2010

A Canine Apparition Mar. 2010

Dogs DO Have Souls Mar. 2010

My Vision Dec. 2009

Mike's Mother Aug. 2009

A Shared Dream Aug. 2009

Something Special for Me Jan. 2009

My Kundalini Experience Jan. 2009

Was I In France in WWII? Nov. 2008

A Vision of the Past Nov. 2008

My Three Uncles Oct. 2008

Angels Watching Over Me Sept. 2008

Dream of Warning Aug. 2008

The London Bombings Feb. 2008

A Validating Story Oct. 2007

We Felt His Death June 2007

A Face in the Sky May 2007

An Indescribable Joy Jan. 2007

Trusting My Visions/Intuition Sept. 2006

Jesus Spoke to My Son Jun. 2006

A Vision of Gran's Death Dec. 2005

Symbolic Language Feb. 2005

Forewarning Nov. 2004

A Messenger From God Oct. 2004

Visions of the Other Side Sept. 2004

Thank You Daddy Aug. 2004

Dreaming the Answer Aug. 2004