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Coincidence Stories

This section of the site contains stories of Coincidence collected from visitors to Beyond Religion. New Submissions may be emailed to

A Deja Vu Experience June, 2016

My Baby's Constant Lullaby May, 2013

A Hallelujah Mist Feb., 2012

Twin Twitches Jan., 2012

The Other Me Jan., 2012

Wrong Place, Right Time Apr.,.2011

My Flat Tire Angels Apr.,.2011

Astronaut Premonition Feb..2011

Coincidences Feb.2011

A Dunkirk Coincidence Dec..2010

Incredible Coincidence Sept.2010

A "Chance" Meeting July 2010

A "Coincidental" Dream Mar. 2010

Genetic Fate? Dec. 2009

A Mousepad Speaks Louder Than Words Dec. 2009

My Compassionate Truck Apr. 2009

I Am Who I Am Feb. 2009

A Message for Dad Jan. 2009

Jennifer's Ring Dec. 2008

God Sent Us a Message Jan. 2008

A Startling "Coincidence" Aug. 2006

A Series of Planned Delays May 2006

My Grandfather and the Poem May 2006

A "Coincidental" Reunion May 2006

More Than Just Coincidence? Aug. 2004

The Capitol Steps July. 2004

A Scientist and 1111 Apr. 2004

A Promise To God Mar. 2004

Another 1111 Story Jan. 2004

Love Story Jan. 2004

The Unseen Dec. 2003

Air & Space Museum Dec. 2003

The Missionary Nov. 2003

The Hitchhiker Nov. 2003

Meeting Evelyn Nov. 2003

Finding Laurie Oct. 2003

Musical Coincidence Oct. 2003

Carefully Crafted Oct. 2003