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Childhood Out-of-Body Experience

At around age nine or ten I recall vividly experiencing OBE's. At the time I did not know what they were but I knew how to will myself to have one. I looked forward to going to bed at night, for that is when I would will an OBE. It would be that moment just before sleep, and I could consciously feel my spirit move away from my body and I would be in another room somewhere. I would "float" around and go where I needed to go, but I always knew somehow that my spirit needed to rejoin my body (it was as if this was kept in the forefront of my consciousness). When I did return, I knew the exact moment and would experience a sense of relief that I had returned. Immediately after this I would slip into a peaceful sleep, but a sleep that would have dreams that were very vivid.

My dreams around this time would be of me running with my arms outwards and then floating off into the air. I would always be in a clearing in a forest somewhere. (I live on a small island and there is no forest here). A friend would be with me. I miss these dreams and OBE's. Somehow I cannot have them any more.

C.H., West Indies

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Posted Oct., 2003