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After Death Communication Stories

This section of the site contains stories of After Death Communication collected from visitors to Beyond Religion. New Submissions may be emailed to

Darnell's Visits January 2017

Falling Into My Body January 2017

An After Death Experince June 2015

Don Says Goodbye June 2015

Mom's Urgent Message Mar. 2015

The Hummingbird Feb. 2015

A Mutual Dream Feb. 2015

Visits from Darryl Jan. 2015

The Final Goodbye Sept. 2014

Nicky's Heart Signs Mar. 2014

Powerful Dream at the Right Time Aug. 2013

Visits from Dad Aug. 2013

Dreams June. 2013

Jack's Heart Mar. 2013

Our Daughter Feb. 2013

My Parents Were At the Wedding Feb. 2013

My First Spiritual Experience Feb. 2013

"Be Careful, Boys" Nov. 2012

The Spirit of My Father Oct. 2012

My Son Is Still With Us Sept. 2012

My Husband Keeps a Promise Sept. 2012

The Fairy Wand Julyl 2012

Pennies from Heaven April 2012

A Gift from My Grandpa Mar. 2012

My Husband's Scent Mar. 2012

Comfort From Nana Feb. 2012

My Dad's Goodbye Jan. 2012

We're Okay! Jan. 2012

A Hug from Beyond Dec. 2011

A Mousepad Speaks Again Sept 2011

Voices from the Other Side Aug 2011

My High School Friend Aug 2011

My Rainbow StoryJune 2011

Love Message on a Sign BoardJune 2011

Phone Calls from My Son May 2011

My Father's Hug March 2011

Premonitions Jan. 2011

My Little Red Messengers Jan. 2011

Jasmine's Visits Nov. 2010

The Cat Came Back Sept. 2010

Experiences with My Mother Aug. 2010

Leo July 2010

A Similar Story July 2010

The Scent of Roses June 2010

My Husband, The Phone, & The TV June 2010

My Daughter's Candle May 2010

A Pet's Return Mar. 2010

My Dad's Presense Mar. 2010

Sam's Message Feb. 2010

My Father & The Radio Feb. 2010

"Get Over It, Patty" Feb. 2010

A Visit from My Boyfriend Jan. 2010

Joe Checks In Jan. 2010

Comforting Communication from My Dad Dec. 2009

Ask, Believe and Receive Jan. 2009

Visions of My Mom Jan. 2009

The Wild Bunny Sept. 2008

The "Moving" Picture Sept. 2008

My Grandma, My Angel June 2008

My Dad, My Grandson? May 2008

Dad Came for Mom Apr. 2008

My Grandfather, My Angel March 2008

Dreams of My Father Jan. 2008

A Visit from Denise Oct. 2007

My Father's Energy Force Sept. 2007

My Uncle's Smile July 2007

My Dad's Promise to Return May 2007

I Felt Him! May 2007

Visit from My Sister May 2007

Dad Makes His Presense Known April 2007

A Glitch in the CD March 2007

A Touch From Beyond Feb. 2007

A Mystical Farewell Oct. 2006

An After Death Performance Oct. 2006

A Case of Karma June 2006

Loving Parents May 2006

A Visit from My Dog May 2006

Second Choice Kitty May 2006

Checking In Through Coincidence Oct. 2005

Nanny and the Cockatoos Sept. 2005

Standing By Him Aug. 2005

My Stepmother July 2005

A Visitation July 2005

Believe! July 2005

Moment of Death Communication July 2005

A Greeting in a Candle Flame May 2005

A "Coincidental" Communication May 2005

A Dog's Loving Spirit Feb. 2005

Two Visitations Jan. 2005

A Loving Visit Dec. 2004

A Gift for Dad Oct. 2004

Dreaming of Dad Oct. 2004

Mrs. J Says Goodbye Sept. 2004

Mother's Good-Bye Visit Aug. 2004

A Phone Call from Heaven Aug. 2004

Three Greetings from Mother Aug. 2004

Visits from Father June 2004

One More Hug May 2004

Nighttime Visits April 2004

A Spirit Playmate April 2004

The Doorbell April 2004

Another Message from John March 2004

The Chimes of Love March 2004

Two Visits from Mother March 2004

Messages from My JohnMarch 2004

A True StoryMarch 2004

My Mother is Still EverywhereMarch 2004

Mutual Forgiveness Feb. 2004

A Presense In My House Jan. 2004

Deliverance Through Prayer Jan. 2004

A Vision of Mother Jan. 2004

A Post Death Vision Jan. 2004

Important New Film Dec. 2003

A Mother's Goodbye Nov. 2003

Encouragement Nov. 2003

Aroma of Love Nov. 2003

Mother Oct. 2003

Husband Oct. 2003

Mother-In-Law Oct. 2003

Two Grandpas Oct. 2003

Friend Oct. 2003

Graduation Oct. 2003

Grandma Oct. 2003