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A Strange OBE
I was sleeping on my couch when I realized I was walking around my living room. It was strange because I could see outside clearly sincethe curtains were no longer visible. Our curtains are white and thick and you can't normally see through them. I was tryingto figure out why I was able to see through them as if there were no curtains there.

I turned around and saw my body lying on the couch. I'm thinking to myself,"Wow, now this is really weird! I'm walking around my living room but my body is on the couch."

As I turned around to try and figure out where the curtains were, I saw my friendcoming over to my house carrying a book. It was 3:00 in the morning andI was in a panic because I knew I had to get back into my body to answer the door.

The next thing I remember is hearing my door click. I got up and opened the door expecting to see my friend, but she was not there. I stepped outside to see if she was walking away, but I didn't see her. Her house was lit up but there was no motionof anyone in the windows. I told myself I had dozed off and must have had a dream.

The next day when I saw my friend I told her that I had had a dream about her.I said I saw her coming to my house carrying a book and that I could see herthrough curtains that were not there. I was laughing as I told her about my silly dream. But I noticed that she was not laughing; she had a very strange look on her face. I asked her what was wrong. She said she did come over at 3:00 am. She was bringing me a book to read.

I said,"NO WAY! REALLY?" She asked me what she had been wearing and I told her and she said I was right. I asked her how that could be, how I could see her through my curtains and see all these details. She said, "It sounds like you had an out-of-body experience." I said, "Yes, I also saw myself asleepon the couch at the same time. So that's what I experienced!"

I asked her why I didn't see her when I opened the door? She said she knocked softly so as not to wake me if I was asleep. It takes about five minutes for the screendoor to close completely. The click woke me up and I must not have gottenback into my body soon enough to hear the knocking. We both sat there laughingand talking about it the rest of the day.

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Posted May 16, 2013