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I browsed your site recently and read the stories on the Out-of-Body page. I have had OBE's since I was a child. Sometimes I don't completely disconnect. The cord is so thick that it makes it difficult to leave. So, when I am in that position, I play with my "spiritual self" because I feel this is how I learn more about the dynamics. Besides, it's fun!

I stretch my spiritual legs, for example, and press them against and then through the footboard of my bed and across the room until I can touch the dresser. If I want, I can push my hands into a surface where I can feel something more than the man-made materials! I wish I could explain what that feels like. All I can say is that I can feel the God-substance that is within everything. I have also learned how to raise and lower my vibrations. The higher they are, the more pure they feel.

The most awesome experience I ever had while playing in this state was seeing my spiritual arms and hands. I was barely floating above my body. While my eyes were closed, I raised my spiritual arms. When I opened my eyes, I was astounded to see with my spiritual eyes that my arms/hands looked like clear jello, although they maintained their normal shape. There were swirls of colors within them, colors I have never seen here on earth. I lowered one arm to touch my physical leg. It felt dead or like I was touching someone else's leg because my physical self had no sensation of being touched. But, when I touched my spiritual leg, the sensation of touch was clearly there. I did this a few times and marveled at the various sensations. This experience got me so excited that it caused me to come out of that state. But, I had learned some extremely valuable things.

We cannot live without a spirit. We can leave and come back as long as the cord is not severed. But, once it is, our physical body dies. So, when babies are stillborn, it is because their spirit left or perhaps never even entered their body. Or, if a spirit had entered, it may have wanted to experience dying as a newborn. Either way, there is some kind of lesson involved for the parents that produces spiritual growth. Or perhaps it involves a karmic balance for the baby or the parents.

The other thing I have come to understand is while the baby is in the womb, until its own spirit enters its body, it feeds/lives off the mother's spirit just as it feeds off of her physical body for nutrition and oxygen. The Bible story/metaphor about Adam tells of God breathing into him the breath of life. It was not air that gave him life, it was God's spirit. And that is the part of us that is made in God's image.

One time I saw myself leave my body. I was experiencing remote viewing from an angle beside the bed opposite of my body. I watched myself literally jackknife out from my solar plexis area. As soon as I was out, the remote viewing stopped and I joined my spiritual self. That was most unexpected because my cord is attached to the base of the back of my head. But, much as a baby's umbilical cord is free to move around while the baby is in the womb, I can only surmise that our spiritual cord operates in a similar way. We can leave our body through our feet if we choose to do so! The cord just follows. So, that was another great lesson to learn.


Posted Dec. 13, 2004