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I would like to share my one and only OBE. It happened to me in late 1990. I was at home and watching some TV after dinner. I usually go to bed at about 11 pm; however that night I was a bit tired and turned in earlier at about 9:30 pm.

I seemed to fall asleep almost immediately. In what felt like just a few minutes I was awakened from my sleep and got up. I felt a bit disoriented but very much awake and aware. I looked back at my bed and noticed that my body was lying in my bed still asleep. My view was not at ground level; I was floating near the ceiling, about six or seven feet up.

My feeling was one of peace and happiness. It was a feeling that I am still unable to completely describe. I realized that no matter what, everything was going to happen as it should. As I was basking in this feeling, I became aware that everything was unfolding as it should in the universe, that there was nothing to worry about and all would be well. This peace and serenity still gives me strength today.

Even though I was raised in a religious home, I was never keen on religion but always interested in things spiritual. This was a strong message to me that our own spiritual journey is really part of living out our lives. This helped me to realize that spiritual freedom could be achieved through freedom from religion.

There was no doubt in my mind that this event actually occurred and was not a dream.

Kevin Geransky
Toronto, Canada

Posted May 25, 2006